What We Do

We provide a proper space to experience and learn Systems Dynamics, more widely known as Family Constellations. This experiential session engages multiple senses to enable you to quickly see and feel your current situation and understand how you arrived here. Acknowledging and completing with the past allows you to see and feel what is possible and to move in that direction. This means that for the first time your history is no longer your future. You are able to identify and transform limiting patterns.

A growing body of experiential and scientific evidence shows that our genes are capable of carrying far more information than originally understood. We are able to consciously encode information into them as a result of our life experiences, by making mindful decisions and consciously creating stronger patterns that we can pass to our children, much like we pass physiological characteristics like the color of our eyes. While identifying a physical trait like your grandmother's hair color or your father's height in you is something we are familiar with, spotting what you have inherited from your ancestors experiences as Emotional DNA requires some help and training but the effects can be life changing for you and for subsequent generations. ‹Learn More

Having personally seen and lived the benefit of this important work, we have come together to make it available in San Diego, CA, to those willing to explore, experience and learn the powerful transformative effect of this approach. Our carefully designed program has been structured into a series of workshops that allow you to understand the basics and then dive deeper on specific areas that may be of particular interest to you. Whether you are just starting, or have experience, you will have access to experts providing theoretical concepts along with practical, individual and group dynamics and your own direct experience of exploring and understanding Emotional DNA's role in your own. Check our ‹Workshops

Who We Are

Judy Wilkins-Smith

Systemic Trainer, Facilitator and Executive Coach

Judy is a highly regarded international organizational, individual and family patterns expert, systemic coach, trainer, facilitator, thought partner, leadership conference and motivational speaker and founder of System Dynamics for Organizations & Individuals. She has 18 years expertise in assisting high performance individuals, Fortune 50 executives and teams as well as legacy families, to break limiting cycles and transform challenges into lasting breakthroughs and peak performance. Passionate about visionary leadership, human potential and positive, accelerated, global change, she uses her ability to understand critical dynamics in personal and organizational systems and the points at which they intersect, to create growth and success. Judy collaborates with decision makers to implement innovative, ‘whole system’ design elements, ensuring balance, appetite for excellence and growth, passion and sustained success. Working with high profile individuals and wealthy families she is known for her discretion. She is widely known for leading fearless transformation and showing how even the biggest train smash is simply the doorway to the next incredible pathway waiting beyond brick walls.
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Maritza G. Aulestia de Faria

Systemic Co-Facilitator and Coach

With 20 years of international corporate experience, Maritza combines her business knowledge and organizational development skills to assist leaders to develop themselves and their teams to achieve consistently high performance. Her work focuses on developing strategies that foster a work culture that unleashes employees’ passion to fulfill their potential in work and life.

She has combined strategic and technical Human Resources practices with multi-dimensional approaches to examine problems, identify patterns and test possibilities that lead to new directions and career paths. Maritza has continued her personal and professional growth through extensive training in Coaching, System Dynamics and Body & Brain Yoga practices. These disciplines combine to give an integrated perspective and expertise that apply innovative coaching techniques in a safe environment to accelerate self-understanding and effectiveness. She and her clients provide a living testimony of sustained development and powerful transformation.


Logistics, Marketing and Client Support

Highly creative and results-driven Human Resources professional, with broad skill set built from unique HR experiences. History of high performance and increased responsibility, due to rapid expansion and changes within the biotech industry. Implemented unique and effective programs such as “Mindful Wellness Program”, Internship, Employee’s rewards, trainings, performance reviews and various events to enhance organization’s culture, engagement and performance. In addition, she worked as an event planner and fundraising consultant managing state-wide conventions, city festivals, galas, tournaments and secured major gifts and corporate sponsorships. With her diverse background - has always been passionate about the people she supports, where she strives to deliver experiences and events that are impactful, caring and that will 'shift something in you'.

Jorge H. Aulestia de Faria

Operations, Technology and Client Support

Jorge has made a career of providing process improvement, systems implementations, business intelligence and analytics to small and medium enterprises. Rooted in the belief that technology can transform how people contribute to their organizations and fulfill their professional life, he seeks to introduce or create processes and applications that unburden them from non-value-adding activities and align their work with the organizational goals. He accomplishes this by establishing open communication and carefully understanding the end users, their roles, and the business across all levels of the organization.

The addition of systemic principles and viewpoints to his work further enhanced his ability to analyze and understand dynamics in businesses and individuals. The broader and stronger context these create provide for insights and contributions that lead to better problem resolution, decision making, and sustained continual improvement in the organizations he is involved with.